Your Social Media Strategy

Understand, Setup and Proliferate with social media marketing

Social Media strategy

Social media has become part of our every day lives. There so many different social media platforms that it can be hard to get the best value out of them as a business owner. We at JTWebStudio can help you configure and understand Social media but also help you proliferate and be seen with the best social media strategy for you and your business.


With around 1.86 billion monthly users Facebook is probably the biggest social media platform currently online. At jtwebstudio we want to help you maximise the amount of people you reach on your business Facebook page. We can also help you configure your Facebook business page for a more professional look with a great looking banner.


Twitter is sometimes a misunderstood platform and can also be a wasted opportunity for connecting with potential clients if your business is not on twitter. We can help you become a pro at Twitter or help you setup your account!

Google +

Google + is certainly the less used out of these social media plateforms. Where this plateform can get inetesting is connecting with people who have the same interest as you and your business! Connect with businesses in your niche. It can be very helpful and you may find tips and tricks.


While Instagram is not for every business it sure can attract viewers to your content. Instagram is especially great for business who have multiple pictures to show. People typically like viewing picture more then reading making Instagram that more interesting

There are many other social media platforms out there. Pick and choose whats best for you and your business. Need help setting things up or need more information before choosing what is best for your business?